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Search Vs Ubuy india Comparison

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Cash on Delivery you can shop anything by easily Paying with Cash on Delivery.

Ubuy india You need to make all Payments in advance online whether you Get Product or Not !! 

KYC Documents Does not ask for Any PERSONAL KYC Documents like Adhar Card, Voter Id Card, PAN Card etc from you.

Ubuy india You need to Give personal KYC documents Adhar Card to Get your order.

Custom Clearance has In house Custom Clearance team. We do all Paperwork for you in order to provide you good and stress-free experience of international shopping.

With Ubuy india you need to submit Invoices to Customs otherwise Your Parcel may be held by Customs. 

Customs Duty Prices are all Inclusive. Order price includes Customs Duty, International Shipping Cost, Clearance charges, GST and all, so enjoy tension free Global Shopping!

With Ubuy india you don't have any idea about the amount of Custom Duty Obligation and expenses that needs to be paid.

Customer Support

With you Just need to WhatsApp us to get Status. provides 24 by 7 Live customer support.

Ubuy india - You do not get any timely and direct company customer support. You need to coordinate and speak with DHL to solve issues and get delivery.

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