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Join Growing Company in Digital & Web 3.0 Enabled Venture.

Earn upto 20% per Year on Investment.

In today's global business world, procurement and logistics management go hand in hand. The management team at RENLIFE USA brings a client-centric approach to your procurement and logistics needs whether it is B2C e-commerce, express courier services or complex international cargo, logistics and fulfillment solutions. Our core expertise is in managing high volume cross-border shipments from all over the world to anywhere in India.

We began our operations in 2015 with one office in NEW DELHI.

Today we are 25+ people across 04 Countries with more than  5000+ customers. 

Earn upto 20% per annum on Investment

If you would like to know more,
Just Whatsapp us and confirm your convenient time for discussion.

someone from Management team will get back to you at your scheduled time.


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